How to give an awesome comp session

Hey FitPros

I hope the previous article on how to run a successful consultation was helpful for you. But what do you do with your client for their actual first workout? When it comes to your clients first session there are a few rules of thumb.

  1. Do NOT try to smoke out your client
  2. Keep the exercises simple
  3. Remember steps 1 and 2 

It’s really that simple. Now the workout structure that gives you the best chance to deliver a workout that feels like it goes by quickly, doesn’t smoke out your client,  and this is a lot of fun would be the 16×2 workout. A 16×2 is 16 exercises done for one minute over the course of two rounds. 

Why is this so effective?
A properly structured 16×2 workout cycles through multiple body parts: push, then pull, then, elevation, then abs, then multi-joint(cardio based). This allows your client an opportunity to rest.

What if all the machines are taken at my gym?
A 16×2 can easily be administered with very few pieces of equipment used in multiple directions, no machines are required. A dumbbell can accomplish an elevation( DB Squats ) a push(overhead press), a pull ( DB Rows) and an abdominal exercise ( mason twists ) with a little bit of creativity. 

When is the 16×2 a bad idea for a client’s first workout? 
I would only advise that you stay away from a 16×2 for a client’s first session if you’re running a boot camp class. In personal training the 16×2 is ideal because your focus is on the client. However in a bootcamp situation you have multiple clients moving at the same time so you want to make sure you can spread your attention evenly.
If you had a client starting your bootcamp for the first time you may be better with a 4×3 structure?

What if I’m not good at writing programs yet?  What is a 4×3 anyway?
If you have difficulty with writing out long-term plans I’ve already done that for you with my Dumbbells to Dollars course where you will have all your workouts written our for you as well as detailed explanations for each exercise. Click the video below to understand what you get out of the course.

This 16×2 sounds like a workout that can be useful for me. Can I see it in action?
I’ve included a sample video from my course so you can see exactly how the 16×2 works(* Note this specific workout assumes no known injuries such as shoulder impingement, lower back injury, or lower extremity injury). Each workout structure is explained with the same detail for personal training and group training. Watch the video below and if you think you can benefit from have a world-class course and mentoring for your specific questions, definitely get the Dumbbells to Dollars course. You won’t regret it.