Dumbbells to Dollars (Recertification CEU Credit Course) – Only $29

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Dumbbells to Dollars (Recertification CEU Credit Course) – Only $29

You don’t have to work long hours to be a successful fitness professional – learn how to work fewer hours, make more money, and get more clients. 

The fitness industry is evolving. Gyms structure their businesses differently. We are moving away from body building and towards functional training. And group training is more popular than ever. Many more people are interested in high intensity, functional professional training but don’t necessarily want to pay $50 an hour for it. You don’t have to train one person per hour for 8 hours a day to make a living as a fitness professional. Watch this 4 minute video to learn how anyone who has a passion for fitness can work less and earn more. 

Earn Certification CEUs to renew your personal training certification and Learn how to become a trainer that earns $100,000/year

This course as been approved by some of the most respected personal training certifications in the world

Instead of sitting through long boring lectures you can use this reference course to re-certify at a fraction of the price. You would have to sit through an 8 hour Perform Better seminar and pay up $160 for .7 CEUs for NASM and NSCA. With this course you can earn twice as many CEUs for 1/2 the price in less than half the time.



Complete course

• No material withheld

• Lifetime Access

• High-Level mentoring

• If you want to take your business to the next level, You NEED this course
What you will get from this recertification course

• CEUs for ACE, NASM, ISSA, NSCA, and AFAA to keep your certification current

• Learn how to shift from one on one personal training sessions to group training to triple your earnings per hour

• Learn how to coach nutrition to help your clients see success.

• Learn how to give effective comp sessions and closing techniques that will put more money into your pocket

• A free starter pack to the fitprocalculator so you can give full colored detailed fitness profiles like this to your clients

• Business management concepts including banking, business formation, taxation,billing, and fee structure, and lease agreements

• Front-end and backend business management documents including an 8 week syllabus, sample waivers, sample contracts, and personal training tracking sheets

• You will learn how to build and manage your OWN website for around $100 instead of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year to someone who’s never build a successful fitness website.

• Social media marketing, client generation, and sales tips

• Paperless client management completely from your tablet too keep your organized and stress free

Why only $29?

A number of students have told me that they would’ve paid hundreds of dollars for my course. There are a lot of licenses and franchises that charge thousands of dollars for their information. Many people also offer recertification courses for hundreds of dollars.

These people have long left the training aspect of the fitness industry and in a lot of ways may be out of touch with what its like to be a trainer trying to make it. I know the crappy wages that gyms tend to pay trainers. A lot of trainers tell me they have to get 2nd jobs so make ends meet. Many people are stuck in a career they hate and are doing their best to switch over to fitness so they need information that will make the transition smooth. I don’t want you to have to save up for months and delay the process that will get you out of the box gym or career that you hate.  I remember that life, I remember just needing a little bit of help to make my dreams come true. I charge so little because I want you to have money left over to buy the essentials for growing your business like starting your website or buying some equipment.

These are things that I STILL do. I understand what it costs to put together a great program and I want to give you every possible advantage to see the success that I’ve seen. 

Learn form Jonathan Fitpro

• Worked as a personal trainer for 8 years

• Decided to quit working for a gym

• Started a bootcamp in a park then transferred to a 6,000 square foot gymnastics facility by establishing a sublease partnership

• Developed a program that works on ANYONE

• Learned how to build websites, manage billing, and market

• Run a $100,000/year bootcamp

• Trains 2-3 hours/day

• Developed a course with his business plan

• Is ready to help you!


Certifications teach you how to train. But they don’t teach you how to run your own business. Without this knowledge you can be stuck working in a big box gym. Even if you just got certified and have no experience, this recertification course will give you everything you need to build a successful business.

STOP Giving away 50% of your going rate to a big box gym

STOP Spending thousands of dollars on a license or franchise that doesn’t even allow you to brand yourself and keep your own name

STOP Paying ridiculous amounts of money for marketing and web building that can easily be done on your own

STOP Working 8-9 hour days

STOP Watch the video to learn how this course can help you build a $100k/year fitness business working fewer hours

Register with confidence with our 30-day money back guarantee!

There are a lot of gimmicks and courses out there that will make promises that they can’t keep. I am 100% dedicated to elevating the quality of life for fitness professionals all over the world.

Now I am giving you everything I know. I’m not going to let you waste $2000 on a bootcamp license or $10,000 on a franchise fee. You will learn how to dominate sales in your gym and build your business. I am so confident that this is the only course you’ll ever need to build your fitness business that I’m offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. If after 30 days, you feel that this course along with my personal input isn’t enough to help you build a 6 figure business and save thousands of dollars along the way, and you haven’t yet used the CEU’s for your recertification. I will give you a full refund.. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Course Features

  • Lectures 169
  • Quizzes 3
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
  • Students 1287
  • Certificate No
  • Assessments Self
  • Welcome to my course

    • Lecture 1.1 Watch this first! Your Business Plan Outline Locked 15m
    • Lecture 1.2 Buying Equiptment Locked 2m
  • Understanding Your Product - Running Bootcamp Workouts

    • Lecture 2.1 Welcome to Pre-Phase 1 Locked 3m
    • Lecture 2.2 Personal Training Tracksheets, Waiver Template, Contract Templates — Paperless! Locked 16m
    • Lecture 2.3 How to edit, annotate, and save your waivers for your clients. Locked 6m
    • Lecture 2.4 Saving Client Measurements to DropBox Locked 2m
  • Understanding your Product - Timing Your Workouts

    • Lecture 3.1 Timer Settings on your iPad/iPhone Locked 10m
    • Lecture 3.2 Title Boxing Interval Timer for your large facility Locked 5m
  • Understanding Your Product - Warm Ups

    • Lecture 4.1 The Universal WarmUp Locked 6m
    • Lecture 4.2 Group Warm Up Game #1 – The cone game Locked 6m
    • Lecture 4.3 Group Warm Up Game #2 The Ball Game Locked 6m
    • Lecture 4.4 Group Warm Up Game #3 The Card Game Locked 9m
    • Lecture 4.5 Group Warm Game #4: Burpees Game Locked 7m
  • Understanding your Product - The 4x3 Structure

    • Lecture 5.1 Understanding Workout Structures Locked 1m
    • Lecture 5.2 The 4 x 3 Structure – Strength Portion Locked 4m
    • Lecture 5.3 The 4 x 3 Structure – Cardio(AMRAP) Portion Locked 1m
    • Lecture 5.4 4×3 Timer Setting Locked 3m
    • Lecture 5.5 The 4×3 – Recording and Saving Workouts Locked 5m
    • Lecture 5.6 The 4×3 Structure in Personal Training Preview 18m
    • Lecture 5.7 AMRAP in a Personal Training Locked 7m
    • Lecture 5.8 Explaining the 4×3 structure to a group Locked 1m
  • Understanding Your Product - The Time Based Structure (Crossfit Lite)

    • Lecture 6.1 Time based explained Locked 4m
    • Lecture 6.2 Time Based Workouts Timer Locked 30m
    • Lecture 6.3 Time Based Structure – Recording and Saving Locked 4m
    • Lecture 6.4 Explaining The Time Based Structure to a Group Locked 30m
    • Lecture 6.5 Time Based Structure in Personal Training Locked 7m
    • Lecture 6.6 Time Based Recording Sorting and Saving in Personal Training Locked 3m
  • Understanding your Product - The 16x2 Structure

    • Lecture 7.1 The 16×2 Structure Explained Locked 1m
    • Lecture 7.2 16X2 Timer Settings New Locked 1m
    • Lecture 7.3 16×2 – Recording and Saving Locked 2m
    • Lecture 7.4 Explaining the 16×2 structure to a group Locked 1m
    • Lecture 7.5 16×2 Personal Training Structure Locked 30m
  • Understanding Your Product - Tabata Workout Structure

    • Lecture 8.1 Tabata Explanation Locked 3m
    • Lecture 8.2 Tabata Timer Settings New Locked 2m
    • Lecture 8.3 Tabata – Recording and Saving Locked 5m
    • Lecture 8.4 Explaining the tabata structure to a group Locked 2m
    • Lecture 8.5 Tabata in Personal Training Locked 14m
    • Lecture 8.6 Tabata -Recording and Saving In Personal Training Locked 2m
  • Understanding Your Product - Push Exercises

    • Lecture 9.1 Band Tricep Ext. Locked 1m
    • Lecture 9.2 Exploding Pushups Locked 2m
    • Lecture 9.3 Push-Ups Preview 1m
    • Lecture 9.4 Renegade Rows Locked 2m
    • Lecture 9.5 Thruster Locked 2m
    • Lecture 9.6 Tricep Kickback Locked 1m
    • Lecture 9.7 TRX Pushup Locked 1m
    • Lecture 9.8 Wall Ball Shots Locked 2m
    • Lecture 9.9 WalkOuts Locked 1m
  • Understanding Your Product - Elevation Exercises

    • Lecture 10.1 Box Jump Locked 2m
    • Lecture 10.2 Broad Jump Locked 3m
    • Lecture 10.3 Goblet Squat Locked 3m
    • Lecture 10.4 Hip Raise Locked 1m
    • Lecture 10.5 Hip Raise On Stability Ball Locked 1m
    • Lecture 10.6 Lateral Squat Locked 1m
    • Lecture 10.7 Lunges Locked 2m
    • Lecture 10.8 Squat Locked 2m
    • Lecture 10.9 Step Overs Locked 2m
    • Lecture 10.10 Sumo Deadlift Locked 3m
    • Lecture 10.11 Ball Squats Locked 1m
  • Understanding Your Product - Pull Exercises

    • Lecture 11.1 Band Bicep Curls Locked 1m
    • Lecture 11.2 Bicep Curls Locked 2m
    • Lecture 11.3 Bow and Arrow Locked 1m
    • Lecture 11.4 Dumbell Rows Locked 2m
    • Lecture 11.5 Lat Pull Locked 1m
    • Lecture 11.6 Low Band Row Locked 1m
    • Lecture 11.7 One Arm Rows Preview 2m
    • Lecture 11.8 Rope Whip Double Locked 1m
    • Lecture 11.9 Rope Whips(Single) Locked 1m
    • Lecture 11.10 Straight Arm Pulldowns Locked 1m
    • Lecture 11.11 TRX Row Locked 1m
    • Lecture 11.12 TRX Squat Row Locked 1m
  • Understanding Your Product - Multi-Joint Exercises

    • Lecture 12.1 Anterior Reach Locked 2m
    • Lecture 12.2 Bear Crawl Locked 2m
    • Lecture 12.3 Inchworm Locked 3m
    • Lecture 12.4 Jump Rope Locked 2m
    • Lecture 12.5 Jumping Jacks Locked 1m
    • Lecture 12.6 Kettlebell Swing Locked 6m
    • Lecture 12.7 Ladders High Knees Locked 2m
    • Lecture 12.8 Ladders IIOO Locked 2m
    • Lecture 12.9 Ladders Scissor Step Locked 1m
    • Lecture 12.10 Lateral Suicides Locked 1m
    • Lecture 12.11 Mountain Climbers Locked 2m
    • Lecture 12.12 Quick Steps Locked 1m
    • Lecture 12.13 Step Ups Locked 2m
    • Lecture 12.14 Suicides Locked 1m
    • Lecture 12.15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) Locked 4m
    • Lecture 12.16 Toy Soldiers Locked 1m
    • Lecture 12.17 Burpee Locked 7m
  • Understanding Your Product - Abdominal Exercises

    • Lecture 13.1 Ab Circles Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.2 Ab Crunch Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.3 Ab Wheels Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.4 Bicycle Crunch Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.5 Bicycles Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.6 Big Scissors Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.7 Cross Crunches Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.8 Frog Crunches Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.9 Hollow Holds Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.10 Hundreds Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.11 Jack Knives Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.12 Mason Twists Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.13 Pendulum Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.14 Pike Crunches Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.15 Planks Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.16 Reverse Crunches Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.17 Rope Climbs Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.18 Side Crunches Locked 1m
    • Lecture 13.19 Starfish Crunches Locked 30m
    • Lecture 13.20 TRX Extensions Locked 2m
  • Understanding Nutrition

    • Lecture 14.1 Advanced Settings For MyFitnessPal usage Locked 5m
    • Lecture 14.2 Assessing MyFitnessPal food journals with real samples Locked 12m
    • Lecture 14.3 Intro to Nutrition Locked 2m
    • Lecture 14.4 Setting up your clients’ MyFitnessPal Profiles Locked 10m
    • Lecture 14.5 The 5 Rules of Successful Nutrition Coaching Locked 4m
  • CEU QUIZ 1 - Workout Structures

    • Quiz 15.1 How well do you know your workout structures Locked 6 questions
  • CEU QUIZ 2 - Exercise Modifications

    • Quiz 16.1 How well do you understand exercise modifications? Locked 12 questions
  • CEU QUIZ 3 - Nutrition

    • Quiz 17.1 How well do you understand nutrition coaching Locked 5 questions
  • Navigating Life in the Big Box Gym

    • Lecture 18.1 I just got certified Locked 1m
    • Lecture 18.2 Applying and Interviewing at the gym Locked 7m
    • Lecture 18.3 First day on the job at a big box gym Preview 8m
    • Lecture 18.4 How much to charge your clients and how to structure your program Locked 12m
    • Lecture 18.5 Sales Process for Fitness Professionals. Locked 12m
  • Setting Up Your Website

    • Lecture 19.1 Introduction – Web Presence Locked 2m
    • Lecture 19.2 Hosting & WordPress Locked 6m
    • Lecture 19.3 Layout & Color Scheme and Logo Locked 12m
    • Lecture 19.4 Navigation Bar Locked 5m
    • Lecture 19.5 Plugins Locked 4m
    • Lecture 19.6 Home page Locked 5m
    • Lecture 19.7 Home Page Pt. 2 Locked 7m
    • Lecture 19.8 About Us Page Locked 2m
    • Lecture 19.9 Get Started Page Locked 15m
    • Lecture 19.10 Client management spreadsheet for new clients Locked 6m
    • Lecture 19.11 Nutrition page Preview 3m
    • Lecture 19.12 Nutrition 2 Locked 3m
    • Lecture 19.13 Nutrition 3 Locked 6m
    • Lecture 19.14 Schedule and Rates Page Locked 2m
    • Lecture 19.15 Contact Us page Locked 5m
    • Lecture 19.16 Cancellation Page Locked 9m
    • Lecture 19.17 Booking Client Appointments Directly from your webpage Locked 16m
  • Getting Clients with the Internet

    • Lecture 20.1 Getting Clients and Fitness Marketing Locked 5m
    • Lecture 20.2 Newsletter Pt 1 – Setup Locked 10m
    • Lecture 20.3 Newsletter Pt 2 – Growing your subscribers Locked 11m
    • Lecture 20.4 Newsletter Pt 3 – Adding new article to your newsletter Locked 4m
    • Lecture 20.5 Teaching Free Classes using meetup Locked 15m
    • Lecture 20.6 Google Plus Walkthrough Locked 12m
    • Lecture 20.7 Facebook Fan Page Walk Through Locked 9m
    • Lecture 20.8 Setting up your Instagram and linking to Facebook and your website Locked 8m
    • Lecture 20.9 Find Professionals for personal training clients with this Locked 11m
    • Lecture 20.10 What to post on social media Locked 12m
  • Video Promotion and Youtube

    • Lecture 21.1 Introduction – Video Promotion Locked 1m
    • Lecture 21.2 Video Equipment Locked 10m
    • Lecture 21.3 How to add an audio track Locked 3m
    • Lecture 21.4 Putting together your video Locked 4m
    • Lecture 21.5 Video editing walkthrough MAC Locked 19m
    • Lecture 21.6 Editing Video on a PC Locked 15m
    • Lecture 21.7 Uploading your Youtube Video onto your website Locked 2m
    • Lecture 21.8 Uploading to Youtube for Search Engine Optimization Locked 6m
  • Understanding Entrepreneurship

    • Lecture 22.1 Intro to Understanding Business Locked 3m
    • Lecture 22.2 Business Formation Locked 8m
    • Lecture 22.3 Banking and Tax Deductions Preview 8m
    • Lecture 22.4 Estimated Federal Tax Payments Locked 7m
    • Lecture 22.5 Paying State Taxes Locked 1m
    • Lecture 22.6 Getting Insurance Locked 3m
    • Lecture 22.7 Charging Your Clients Locked 3m
    • Lecture 22.8 Chase Paymentech Walkthough Locked 13m
    • Lecture 22.9 Using Square to charge your clients if you don’t have subscription billing Locked 5m
  • Training In a Park

    • Lecture 23.1 Training in a Park Intro Locked 5m
    • Lecture 23.2 Park Eq. Part 1 – Sound Locked 3m
    • Lecture 23.3 Park Eq. Part 2 – The essentials Locked 6m
    • Lecture 23.4 Park Eq. Part 3 – TRXs and Bands Locked 6m
  • Sub-Leasing to get your first facility

    • Lecture 24.1 Sub-Leasing – Intro Preview 2m
    • Lecture 24.2 Sub-Leasing What kind of buildings are best and why should you do it Locked 0m
    • Lecture 24.3 Sublease Pitch and Interview Locked 14m
  • Closing

    • Lecture 25.1 Closing Dumbbells to Dollars Locked 1m
I am certified by NASM, ACE, NSCA, and Crossfit Level 1and love to share informationI have been a fitness professional for over 10 yearsI have run my own boot camp business for the last 4 years that has generated $100k/year of revenue. The key to my success has been my ability to develop and implement a training system that has delivered great results without all the effort that trainers typically have to put into creating varied workouts consistently. Did I mention that I only teach three, one hour classes a day? Google search BFF Boot Camp for Proof.With my courses my goal is to teach YOU how to see the same success.


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    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! So thankful this course exists. Very informative and helpful. This course gives me confidence with each video.

    Amy Romstadt, Ohio

    Jonathan, Thank you for the Dumbbells to Dollars course! I just completed the course (Sept. 2016) and submitted my certificate to NASM to update my CEU credits. First off, you should charge more for this course especially for the high number of credits it offers and the unbelievable amount of detailed content! Second, thank you for the amazing content you provide in this course, it was just what I was looking for! There are some things that I will not be using now, such as the step-by-step directions for setting up a business website, but I know I will be in the future as my business grows! It is relieving to know that when I am ready for those elements I can just log into this course and relearn them. However, EVERYTHING else is invaluable to me as I re-start my group boot camp training in a new gym. I now have a clear mind and a straight and ORGANIZED path to follow in order to help my clients AND myself to be extremely successful! Thank you again, Amy

    This is great course

    I took both courses of Jonathan , first was nasm course which helped me so much that I still can't believe i passed, and this is the second course which already helping me a lot, I would highly recommend this course to any personal trainer out here

    Jonathan is a wealth of knowledge.

    This course was very easy to follow. It was also very informative with great tips on personal training! I struggle very much with organization only because I didn't know quite where to begin. Jonathan breaks everything down in a way that is very understandable and gives you a well laid out plan. It is designed to make sure you never get lost in all the little details of running a bootcamp, dealing with clients, and running your own business. I am very happy and satisfied with this course! I would highly suggest Dumbbells to Dollars!

    Great Course

    This course really helped me get things in order and helped my training and it has grown leaps and bounds. The information is well put together and allows you the best opportunity to succeed as a trainer in the business working in a gym or independent.