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How real people feel about Jonathan's education courses


Dumbbells to Dollars – Derek Williams

This course has taken me to new heights of organization, and leveraging of time. I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about creating a nice income doing what you love. A lot of the things that Joathan has taught in his course can be used in so many other venues outside of fitness alone. With that being said "You to make an investment for yourself" because an investment like this can reap benefits for a lifetime!

Dumbbells to Dollars – Tom Haugh

The dollars to dumbbells course is a fantastic resource for anyone that runs a boot camp. Jonathan shows you everything you need to put in place to be aucceaaful in step by step lessons. This course is also great for folks that already have a fitness business and can be used as a great resource for new workouts ideas and topics for running your business. I find this information extremely valuable and am very delighted with my purchase. The value in this package far exceeds the cost of the course. If you are considering purchasing this course just do it. You will not be disappointed

Dumbbells to Dollars – Sheila Orio

Very impressed with the detailed videos and how they are short & specific. The worksheets & templates to use in running a successful business are also very helpful. I appreciate all the time & effort Jonathan put into a high quality learning tool for us to become a successful fitness. professional.

Dumbbells to Dollars – Micheal King

My Name is Micheal King and I live in Hoschton, Ga. About three months ago I started working at a local YMCA as a trainer/fitness desk clerk. This is my first job/career as a Certified Personal Trainer. I really did not have any confidence or guidance as a trainer. I was deeply lost and needed someone to guide me and show me the ropes. I was on youtube looking at other trainers and how to train clients; when I found Jonathanfitpro. I watch all his videos and signed up for his newsletter. His videos are packed the knowledge and so are his newsletters. When I saw he had the Dumbbells to Dollars class just for trainers I had to sign up. The best investment i have made as a Trainer. The day of completing the course; I went to work at the gym and left the gym with two clients. Dumbbells to Dollars is a must have! This course shows you how to stay organized, go paperless and keep those clients coming back. I am proud to call Jonathan one of my mentors.

Dumbbells to Dollars – Jordan Thurstan

Jonathan is a mentor. Though I have never met him in person, I feel my business would have never been as efficient as it is today without the info that Jonathan puts out there. I utilize most of his systems and have created a successful personal training business even with little experience in the field. I use the calculator, took his course, and studied his videos. And as someone who didn't have anybody to teach him about this job, I was able to acquire clients and get them great results. Thanks

Dumbbells to Dollars – Andre Coudreau

Jon has been an excellent mentor and has taken my training skills to the next level. His video lectures are very well structured and makes it very easy to learn his proven systems. He is very good about promptly replying to any questions u have and to my surprise personally emails me from time to time to check up on my progress and to offer any extra help I may need. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone serious about making a career in fitness. His course is worth much more than I paid for it!   Andre Coudreau, Vancouver, BC

Dumbbells to Dollars Course – Adam Altringer

Great course. This course has given me the confidence to start offering my personal training services out of a private training studio. It pushes me to be the best trainer I can be and has helped me to see success in the fitness industry. Thank you Jonathan! Adam Altringer, MT


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